Should You Do An Engagement Session?


Engagement sessions are a huge favorite for us here at Michael & Kate Photography. Why? Because they are so stinkin’ FUN and they are a huge creative outlet! But let’s be real. Not everyone loves them as much as we do. So if you’re on the fence about whether or not to include an engagement session in your wedding photography package, let me at least give you three reasons we believe they are not only a great idea, but a must have as part of your wedding photography coverage.

First and foremost, engagement sessions give us all an opportunity to work together BEFORE your wedding day. This alone allows us to build a great relationship between us and our couples. Not only will we arrive to your wedding day already knowing one another, but you will have worked with us and seen images of YOURSELF that we shot! You will already have a great sense and understanding of how we work, and your wedding day won’t be the first time you find yourself in front of the camera.

Engagement photos serve a purpose. These photographs are a beautiful way to announce your engagement, use in your save-the-dates, on your wedding website, and they make a wonderful guest sign-in book. Not only will your wedding guests enjoy looking through a beautiful sign-in book dedicated to you, but they will leave you notes throughout all pages of the book that you will cherish forever.

Engagement photos are sentimental. I am fortunate to have photos of my mom and dad throughout their lives, from babyhood to adolescence and beyond. But I don’t have a single photo of my mom and dad TOGETHER before their wedding day. If I did, you bet I’d hold it near and dear.

Michael and I love that we can show our young daughter our engagement photos. It gives her reference to our lives before she came to be. And she really LOVES looking at our photos. She loves looking at our wedding photos too, but there’s something about our engagement pictures that she really gravitates to. In her very sweet 4 year old mind, it’s hard for her to imagine that mom and dad weren’t always married. It’s a way for us to tell her about her own family and our story of how we came together. Not only is it another way for us to bond, but it’s a way for her to understand who mom and dad were “when we were young” as she says. Lol.