Where's the Sun?


Every November, I am jolted by the only meaningful signal that summer is no longer here in San Diego: Daylight Savings has ended and the sunset is now at 4:45pm. 4:45PM! The afternoon is hardly over by then, and the night seems to arrive waaaaay too early.

We get use to it, eventually. And slowly, before we know it, it is March and the time change happens again, and with it, our sunset is pushed back to a respectable hour.

But when planning a fall and winter wedding, we often forget how long the night can be. A 4 o’clock ceremony sounds perfect and allows for a 6pm dinner, which will have you dancing by 7:30. Plenty of time to visit with friends and family, dance to your favorite songs, and wrap up the evening by 10pm (a time when the majority of venues need the sound turned low).

But here’s the rub:

A 4pm ceremony during our late fall and winter months could mean you are taking pictures in the dark.

So be sure to take the sunset into consideration as you plan your ceremony time. Need help? We’d love to help you with our custom Ultimate Wedding Day Timeline so you get the most out of your wedding and don’t miss those important photographs that need the light of day.