The One Emotion that Brings Joy


We begin every wedding nearly in the same way. Michael and I arrive to the starting venue (usually a hotel, house or wherever the bride and groom are getting ready) and we often go together to meet the bride and groom before we eventually split up to photograph them separately.

There is excitement in the air.

This is the beginning of the part I love. The getting ready part.

It’s not usually chaotic or filled with stress. Often times everyone is enjoying the process of getting hair and make-up done, sipping Champagne or spending quality time with the bride or groom. But the feeling is always there. It’s the feeling of anticipation.

I love anticipation. In fact, we all tend to love anticipation. It’s a powerful emotion that sends other emotions soaring. When we look forward to something, we tend to feel joy.

This feeling sets the tone for the day. It lays a foundation for what’s to come.

To us, it’s when a story begins to unfold and we get to tell it in our own special way, through our photography. And it always starts with this feeling of anticipation that we all collectively have for this bride and groom.

It’s also why I tell our brides and grooms to make room for it. Don’t rush this process of getting ready. Put it in your timeline. Or rather, allow us to put it in a timeline for you. Don’t skip over the getting ready part. It’s part of your story.