The Groom's Father

We were at the Temecula Creek Inn, photographing a groom getting ready. He was nervous. And he couldn’t get his tie right. After asking his best man to help him, his father casually walked into the room, adjusting his own tie.

Living in southern California, I see this scenario fairly often. No shame. Wearing ties daily just isn’t as common here as it use to be.

But the truth is, it made for a really sweet moment. The groom’s father walked over, and without skipping a beat, he adjusted his son’s tie in the mirror and for just a brief moment they locked eyes.

In such a simple gesture, so much was said. They gave each other a quiet nod, and a beat later the dad simply said, “ready?”

I always say how much I love these little snippets. They are little glimpses that we see and experience between people. They are the small nods to great relationships, inside jokes, or a simple dad’s got your back kind of moment. We live for these little moments. We love to capture these moments. This is life.