It’s All About the Dress


Your hair is done, your make-up is perfect. It’s time to put on the dress. The dress. The moment when you officially become the bride.

Meanwhile, all four of your bridesmaid’s suitcases have emptied all over the room, your maid of honor still has curlers in her hair and your mother in law is wearing only her undergarments.

THIS is when you realize that this moment is no longer about the prewedding emotions you are feeling (mostly butterflies). It’s now about how you’re going to speed everyone along so that you make it to the altar on time.

Yeah, we’ve been there.

Which is why we began a conversation long ago with our brides and grooms about the dress. When it’s time to put on your dress, it’s one of our favorite moments of the day, and we never want it to feel rushed. This simple act of getting dressed for your wedding is a moment that should be remembered. You are with your closest friends and family, and you are preparing for an incredibly special day.

Our goal is for you to savor this day. This moment.

So how do we do this?

First, we talk to our couples about how long they should allow for getting ready. Everyone knows that hair and make-up can take up a lot of time.

But getting into your dress takes time.

Talk to your hair and make-up team and schedule them to be done an extra 15-20 minutes before you need them to be. This way, if you need them to make any adjustments to your hair or make-up, you won’t feel too rushed. You’ll have time already buffered in.

Have your wedding party and anyone else in the room with you be dressed by the time your hair and make-up is done.

Secondly, stay organized. Choose a well-lit area of the room (preferably near a window) and keep it clutter free. This will be the space you reserve to put your wedding dress on. It will already be clean, with beautiful light so we can all focus on you.

Then, as you step into your dress, you wont feel rushed. You can live in the moment and we can capture the gorgeous photos you and your dress deserve.