A sweet and secluded Ocean Beach engagement session

There’s a little beach tucked away in Ocean Beach that Michael and I love. It’s slightly secluded and only comes out in semi low tide. We love beaches like these, especially for engagement sessions. You never know exactly what the landscape will look like until you arrive: the tide comes in and hides the beach, the tide rolls out and everything has changed. The sand has shifted, more bluffs are exposed, and the beach is completely different than the last time we were there.

When we first arrived for Wes and Jessica’s engagement session, I was hesitant to look down at the beach. But on this day, the tide did not disappoint. We had scheduled the photography session on a day when we knew there would be an extremely low tide, and the beach was GORGEOUS! The tide was out and had left a magical, deserted beach with dreamy exposed bluffs and rock formations that weren’t there the last time we visited this space. The overcast weather was a beautiful contrast to the green algae growing on the rocks. I loved when Jessica put on a red dress for the second half of the engagement session. It stood out in the most beautiful way from the green tinted rocks and the mellow moodiness of the ocean that day.



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