Your Wedding Day

Years from now, we want you to look back at your photos and feel how you felt on your wedding day. We want you to remember what it was like to see your groom for the first time as you walked down the aisle, and we want him to remember what it felt like to hold your hand as you said your vows. We want to capture how hard the best man’s speech made you laugh, or how your dad’s toast brought tears to everyone’s eyes. These are some of the best moments. As top San Diego wedding photographers, we want to be there for all of it.

Your wedding is more than just the ceremony. It’s more than an accumulation of wedding plans, colors chosen, and flowers arranged. Rather, it’s a day of immense celebration of two lives committing to one another. It’s a day filled with emotion and laughter and love. We want to be there to capture it all through our photo journalistic and contemporary style.

About Our Wedding Photography

We are a husband and wife team, and while we love weddings, we love story telling even more. And to us, that’s the best part of every wedding. We want to tell your story through our wedding photography. Through the preparation, the ceremony, and the celebration after, we want to capture those moments for you so that you can look back at them for years to come. And hopefully feel how you felt on your wedding day.