A simple, but intimate family portrait session on Mission Beach

When I first spoke to Jenna about her family portrait session on Mission Beach, we talked about how to make their shoot extra special and how we could incorporate some of their personalities into the session. Jenna brought some props, which I always love. Not only do small props make the session more enjoyable for children (often times a personal toy makes for a great prop), but you can bring another level of meaning to the portrait session. This year, Jenna chose to bring two blankets that had special meaning. One blanket, a crochet off-white throw, has been in her family for several generations. The other: a bright red, hand knit blanket that was made by her mother.

I love watching parent-child relationships come out during photo shoots. Having a couple of props to facilitate that really brought out their daughter’s personality. The mother first brought out a couple of friendship crowns, which her daughter lovingly placed on her mom’s head. Talk about a sweet moment to capture! The blanket was then used to wrap the two up so they could watch the sunset together. This was such a simple item to bring and brought such intimacy to the shoot. Once the sun was low, we laid the crochet blanket down on the sand and the mom and daughter laid down. Again, it was so simple, but so profoundly intimate. In addition, knowing that there were special props coming up really brought out their daughter’s playful and curious spirit which set the tone for the entire session.



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