Southern California Family Portraits

Oftentimes the best family portraits are the ones that are simple, clean, and all about the family. Which is exactly why I adore these southern California family portraits held at Newport Beach. Know for its wide open, soft, sandy beach, Newport beach has plenty of room to roam and escape from crowds. It was a rather cool November day, but the sun was shining bright and the water was a crystal blue, perfect for the clean background I was aiming for to really show off this sweet family of three.

Every beach in southern California has it’s own charm. While I love the pier at Newport, I love the lifeguard towers even more. The wooden beams create such a simple, but geometric background and were a perfect alternative from the simplicity of the ocean. I also love how the sun shines through the beams and creates more texture and warmth, especially as these two snuggled their daughter.



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