A walk through Penasquitos Canyon trails

This Penasquitos Canyon engagement session happened on one of the most perfect afternoons we could ever ask for. It was undeniably beautiful out as we walked the trails together. I love how the sun’s rays filtered through the leaves, creating this soft, glowing light. It was warm, with a cool breeze, and Ryan and Karen are so in love, it just melts your heart to be with them.

Both Ryan and Karen are from the San Diego area, but live out of state finishing school. They are high school sweethearts that have made it through years of living miles apart and are finally getting married. When we talked about locations for the shoot, they wanted something simple and familiar. They’ve hiked this area many times before, so it sounded like the perfect setting. And it was! Penasquitos Canyon is one of those unassuming locations that people from out of town rarely see. It’s quiet, easy rolling trail makes it a gorgeous setting and we couldn’t have timed it on a better day.

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