Lindsay & Grant’s Engagement Session Ocean Beach Style

After ten years of living in the Ocean Beach/Point Loma, Michael and I have decided to move to another area of San Diego. It was a tough decision. It’s the longest I have ever lived in any home, and we have had so many amazing things happen while living there: we founded two successful photography businesses, adopted two dogs (lost one), got engaged, married and, best of all, became parents to our sweet daughter, Violet. It has been an incredible decade full of growth, both personal and professional. But, alas, that growth also meant we were running out of space in our little home. So, up to Clairemont, we go!

The very same week we moved, Grant and Lindsay invited me to their Ocean Beach home for their engagement session. I was thrilled! Not only was I happy to be back in my “old” stomping grounds, but it also gave me an opportunity to document their lives in their first home together. Who knows what the next ten years holds for them. For now, they are bringing their lives together, creating comfort in their home and planning their wedding. As they gave me a tour of their place and I photographed them in their favorite spaces, I thought of all the things they are going remember about this home and their neighborhood for years to come when they look at these photos. Hopefully I captured more than just some pretty pictures. Hopefully I captured the foundation of what they will build upon for their next decade.

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