Love. Family. A heartfelt celebration. For Ashley and Robert, their Scripps Seaside Forum wedding in La Jolla was about just that.

Married overlooking one of our favorite beaches in San Diego, Ashley walked down the aisle towards Robert, and his expression said it all: tears welled in his eyes. I must admit, his emotion surprised me a bit. Not because Ashley looked anything less than amazing — she was absolutely stunning. I suppose it surprised me because both Ashley and Robert are such calm beings, and bring such a sense of calmness to everyone around them. Calmness. It’s a wonderful quality to have, especially during the chaos of your wedding day.

Months prior, I met with Ashley and Robert for their engagement session. It happened to fall on one of the coldest and windiest days in San Diego, and we thought about rescheduling. Instead, we went for it. And it was COLD – especially for San Diego standards. But Ashley and Robert rolled with it. Never once complaining, and seemingly just happy to be together. Calm and in love. And that is how I would describe their wedding day. Calm and in love.

Many congratulations for these two on their seaside La Jolla wedding!