A look at annual family portrait sessions and documenting childhood

Childhood goes by fast. After Michael and I had our daughter, Violet,  someone told us that her first year will be the shortest year filled with the longest days. And boy, was that true. Some days did feel like they’d never end, but once her first birthday arrived, Michael and I couldn’t believe it! We suddenly had a ONE year old! How did it even happen? She changed so much in that one year, I was so grateful we had documented her changes often — monthly, in fact. When we compare the photos of her from birth to her first birthday, we are amazed. She changed before our eyes and we wanted to remember every change possible.

Which brings me to the Chang family. I have been photographing this family since their kids were itty bitty — which is the greatest compliment they could give me. And every year there children change so much. I am so lucky to get a chance to document so many families yearly. They are sessions I look forward to the most. Having your family photographed yearly is such a wonderful way to honor the changes and growth you have made both as a family and as individuals.



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