A look at small neighborhood parks for your next family portrait session

We talk a lot about locations with our clients for their next family portrait session. Luckily, San Diego has some of the most beautiful settings a short drive away, or even a short walk away. When I first spoke to this sweet family about their portrait session, the mom, Lauren, requested that we go somewhere close to home, perhaps even do a neighborhood family portrait session. There’s a quiet little park not far from their home that was the best spot for her kids. We didn’t have to drive anywhere, which allowed us to meet right after her kids’ nap time when they were at their freshest. It also allowed her children to feel comfort in going to a very familiar space. They visit this park almost daily, so the kids felt safe to run around and be themselves.

Locations also bring up another great point when taking family portraits. Often times the most meaningful photos are taken in the most meaningful of places. Because Lauren’s kids play here often, she can one day look back and tell them how they use to climb a specific tree they were photographed in, or the exact path they learned to ride a tricycle. This particular park is very simple, clean and easy to access, which is perfect for a family portrait session. Perhaps there’s a park near you that you’ve never considered because it’s too familiar to you or your kids. But it might just be a perfect little place you’d like to always remember.



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